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About Realm Lord International

Driven By Success

REALM LORD INTERNATIONAL has secured a prominent position in the field of MMA & Fitness Apparel, Lifestyle Apparel, Boxing Equipments, Martial Arts wears & Sportswear.

These products represent a perfect blend of traditional craftsmanship and the most modern and innovative techniques available. Realm Lord International products are famous due to its fine quality and workmanship. The company is backed by its solid credentials and today, we have established ourselves in the global market by means of prominent quality. Our focus on perfection and stringent quality control measures and earned a remarkable reputation. 


We are manufacturing and exporting a wide range of 

  • MMA & Fitness Apparel

  • Lifestyle Apparel

  • Boxing Gloves

  • Jiu-jitsu GIs / Kimonos

  • Mixed Martial Arts Gears

  • Sportswear 


Range to Export Goods.

Australia, Germany, Belgium, Japan, France, Holland, Italy, Austria, Sweden, Denmark, Greece, South Africa, Philippines, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America.

We look forward to your requirements and establishing a mutually beneficial relationship with you.

Thank you.


Realm Lord International

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